Wind_Waker_GlitchCalling all avid speedrunners! The YouTube show Son of a Glitch, a series showcasing several glitches from a variety of games, has made an episode about The Wind Waker, and there is a lot to see. The Wind Waker, both the Gamecube version and the modern HD version, is filled with glitches usable simply for fun or for speedrunning purposes, so there are a lot to cover. This episode will cover ones from the Wii U game.

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Many have seen popular speedrunner Cosmo running The Wind Waker in the past, and those who have should recognize the crazier glitches, like the zombie hover, and certain tricks for sequence breaks. This video could be a great tool for someone that is learning to speedrun the game, or just looking for some fun ways to mess with the game. The next episode is going to cover the glitches in the original Gamecube version, so watch out for it! Personally, I hope to see full explanations of storage and the super swim in that episode.

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