The people over at Somewhat Awesome Films have announced that they are going to start working on a Zelda short. Known for their quality and visual effects, Somewhat Awesome films tends to take a serious approach to the source material; rather than poking fun at the game or doing a base parody, they seem to try their best to create a short film that conveys the actual mood of the game.

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Take their film for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon for instance: they don’t resort to cheap humor about Luigi’s cowardice, but rather play out the actual cute-scary factor and stay true to the mood of the game in general and present the actual atmosphere of Luigi’s Mansion. One could only imagine how it would be like in a Zelda short film.

Check out the synopsis for the Zelda short and a video of the creators talking about how this project can happen below.

A short live action film of approximately 2 minutes, set in the universe of The Legend of Zelda. The film will follow Link travelling on his trusty steed Epona as they encounter an uexpected ghastly enemy.

The creators are currently looking for donations in order to fund the project. If you’re interested, visit Indiegogo here.

I always enjoy hearing about small projects like these; it seems many people love putting Zelda in the film world. Do you think this short film or any other Zelda related film will turn out with positive remarks? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Indiegogo

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