The Legend of Zelda rarely intersects with the realm of politics. This is a good thing, as our adventures in Hyrule serve as an escape from the often divisive politics of the modern day. But once in a blood moon, the fantastical adventures of Link take an unexpected turn into the political sphere. Earlier today, the Wikipedia article for the original Legend of Zelda game was edited anonymously by someone in the United States House of Representatives, with the name of the title’s elf-boy protagonist changed to “Zelda.”

As documented by congress-edits on Twitter, an automated account that tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits made by IP addresses in the US Congress, an edit was made to The Legend of Zelda‘s page by an IP address in the House of Representatives. In what is most certainly a prank, a sentence in the article’s first paragraph was changed to reflect an age-old misconception:

Set in the fantasy land of Hyrule, the plot centers on a boy named Zelda, the playable protagonist, who aims to collect the eight fragments of the Triforce of Wisdom in order to rescue Princess Zelda from the antagonist, Ganon.

The anonymous editor offered the following edit summary:

Zelda is the boy

Incorrectly identifying the hero as Zelda is a cardinal sin in the Zelda community. This anonymous editor was clearly trying to make a funny. But hey, perhaps he or she had only ever played the NES classic’s Second Quest, which can accessed by using “ZELDA” as the file name. We may never know their true intentions.

Likewise, we may never know who it was that made this edit, whether it be a congressional representative, a clerk, an intern, or someone else. If anything, we can see the occurrence as an oddity, as our favorite game series once again pops up in an unexpected place.

This Wikipedia gaff isn’t the first time the House crossed paths with Zelda. Earlier this year, House Republicans attempted to use The Legend of Zelda as a way to pitch their tax reform plan.

Update: The edit was likely inspired by a running joke on Twitter. Ariel Dumas, writer for Late Night with Stephen Colbert, jokingly referred to Link as Zelda in a recent tweet, leading several fans to correct her. Dumas has since kicked off a campaign to prove that “Zelda is the boy.” I’d say that she has been successful thus far, as her influence is seen even in Congress.

What do you make of this strange, strange incident? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Source: congress-edits

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  • Terminatwilisamieru98


  • Jebradiah Drake

    Legend of Link, a Zelda to the Past

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    Sounds like the epitome of human boredom

  • S Kent

    Should be Ariel Dumass

  • Darkstar

    Trolls be trollin’

  • K2L

    After the atrocious decision regarding Internet, nothing from the governing bodies of US surprises me anymore.

  • The#1ZeldaFan

    Do you guys watch MasterOfDooM? He constantly jokes that: “Zelda is a boy and you play as him to save Princess Peach!”
    It seems like it would get old but it’s pretty funny! Sometimes he says: “Zelda is the boy!!” and so on, so forth. Lots of people have already tried changing the wikipedia after DooM inspects it and edits it. (like this:

  • Terminatwilisamieru98
  • Matthew Wells


  • A beautiful Duwang
  • TheHappyMask

    I can assure you that American politics have 0% influence over what Nintendo puts in their Zelda games.

  • TheHappyMask

    Best course of action is to just ignore this and let it die haha

  • Hey bro, t*nny is a slur, so maybe don’t use it..
    Regardless of your views.

  • Jonathan Ritz

    No one cares about your feelings. My 1st Amendment Rights to say whatever I dang well please don’t stop because you decide to get offended. Are there repercussions to exercising that right? Certainly. But demanding someone change their vocabulary simply because you don’t like a word is asinine.

  • Jonathan Ritz

    Figures it’d be a brainiac Colbert fan behind the intentional faux pas.

  • Gooseph Fame

    I’m glad that Zelda is the boy.

  • Ikewise

    Did they just assuuuuuume her gender?

  • disqusname

    Lock the page from vandalism

  • disqusname

    oh good, its locked until 2018 august

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    “Regardless of your views”
    That’s bull. If in his views it ain’t morally reprehensible to say “tranny” he will say it. “Regardless of your views” is more of a “change your views so they fit mine a little more”(and I don’t think it’s exactly fine to use slurs like that, but censorship like that rubs me the wrong way too)

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    While I won’t tell you what to say and not say…you sound like a right wing nut there.

  • Linebyline

    It’s not really “change your views” so much as “change your actions.” Like it or not, slurs exist, and they are hurtful to the people to whom they refer (regardless of whether that’s the speaker/writer’s intention). “Regardless of your views, you shouldn’t intentionally do something that hurts people” seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

    That’s not to say that “Regardless of your views, should hold my views instead (or at least pretend to whenever you’re in public)” isn’t also a thing, but this doesn’t look like an example of it to me.

  • Linebyline

    Zelda is the boy. In Zelda II: The Adventure of Zelda, after the wizard Zelda put Zelda under a sleeping spell, prince Zelda decreed that everyone in Hyrule was named Zelda. Zelda didn’t learn from Zelda about how to break the curse and prevent the return of Zelda until long after that. Of course, some of those people use nicknames to avoid confusion.

    Jokes aside, I do wonder if this really came from Congress or someone was spoofing the IP as a prank. Could even be an error in which IPs the congress-edits bot thinks belong to Congress. That’s not to say it couldn’t have come from there, just that it’s not the only option.

  • DevKat

    How about learn to be respectful and find better vocabulary. I assure you, there are better ways to get your point across than to resort to hate speach (which by the by is NOT protected under your first amendment right.)

    Also, to further educate to since you appear to lack an understanding of the Zelda “tradidtion”, the series has been full of LGBT characters since the beginning. Obviously, the developers are more accepting than you are of other genders/ sexual orientations so you should really considier your own views as you are clearly a supporter of the series.

    But by all mean, stop playing the games now that your world view has been challenged. The fandom doesn’t need people who bring nothing but hate and bigotry.

  • A) The antagonists in Star Wars are literally based on the Nazi’s. Of course it’s already political.

    B) How is the mere existence of transgender people political?

  • Oscar Yasser Garcia Juallek

    No, because chances are those views care little if they manage to hurt someone, or consider a little hurt is worth changes. Wether or not you think views like those are reprehensible, they can and often DO exist. You’re fundamentally telling them how to behave. I also know slurs exist, but depending on why something is said, I choose to not care about them.
    I agree that a healthy coexistence requires a mutual understanding and compromise…but one of the few things I agree with the right wing is that people nowadays just like to not grow a spine(the world IS rough. It can not give a crap about your existence, and you NEED to grow stronger and learn to shrug off minute things like the occasional jerk that throws a slur)

  • ThePieOfTruth

    Hey! If it gets Zelda some extra publicity (and therefore some extra sales) then let the joke run on!
    (Gotta go fast!)

  • Linebyline

    I don’t disagree, exactly. People are rather thin-skinned (often selectively) and shouldn’t throw a tantrum every time someone does or says something disagreeable. I agree that people shouldn’t necessarily get bent out of shape just because of an ideological disagreement. Some such disagreements are worth getting upset over, to varying degrees, but not all.

    I still don’t see where asking people to stop saying hurtful things is a bad thing.

    If you’re just saying that people won’t listen and will continue saying or doing hurtful things, sure. No disagreement there. If you’re saying that we need to pick our battles and not blow up over someone’s relatively minor misbehavior, I agree with that, too.

    But if you’re trying to say that nobody should be bothered by slurs, or if they are they shouldn’t say so, then I just can’t see where you’re coming from.

    I don’t know, maybe I’m just not reading you correctly.

  • Bobby

    Moral of the story – if it comes out of this Congress, it’s probably wrong.

  • $274345711

    Yes because nobody has ever proxied before

  • Matthew Wells

    That’s not how it works.

  • Gooseph Fame

    This game sounds tight

  • $274345711

    I’ve changed many wikipedia pages using different IPs that are linked to various and numerous other organizations.

  • Matthew Wells

    That’s spoofing rather than proxying though.