Some Sweet Fan Art

The other day our friends over at North Castle have made their usual monthly update. Like always there are a tone of new fan submissions that have been posted including numerous pieces of artwork and fan fiction. Below are a few favorites that I’ve found from a few of the artists who have recently submitted artwork. Enjoy!!!

Tarzan Link by AngelP
You Will Not Be Alone by Callisto Hime
4 Sword Penguins by Green Hat
A Minish Conversation by Ingie
Link DS by Souldream X
Little Wolf Link by Souldream X

I think all the artwork above is great but personally, I really love the two last pieces from Souldream X. Link playing his Nintendo DS and a small version of Wolf Link wielding a sword and shield. It would be sweet to have a small beanie baby of the Wolf Link picture. Great stuff guys.

As always, if you’d like to submit in some of your own fan artwork or fan fictions, head on over to North Castle and contact their webmistress, Juliet.

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