While maybe not all of it is new and perhaps it’s just a collection of known facts, our ally, The Hylia has put it all together in one of their latest updates. The information is actually a translation from one of the latest pieces over in Japan.

We all know it is a direct sequel to the Wind Waker, but some story details have become a lot clearer. Rather than rephrasing and poorly wording it like I probably would, I’ll just quote the Hylia…

Just a couple of months after Link and Tetra’s pirates set sail to find a new land, Tetra discovers a suspicious ghost ship and boards it all alone. Then she finds herself in trouble and she can’t leave the ship. Link tries to rescue Tetra, but he falls to the sea and faints. When he wakes up, he finds himself in an unknown island (Shiwan saved him). While looking for clues to find the ghost ship, Link unexpectedly meets Lineback, who’s after the treasure of the ghost ship. Since both are looking for the ghost ship, they decide to join forces.

There’s also a prophecy that worries a certain fortune-teller: “An evil darkness… A huge ocean… And the voice of a sacred light.”

The gameplay is very centered around the Nintendo DS stylus. Touching the screen will make Link walk, run, or jump to that certain point. Link also has three sword attacks that will change depending on how the stylus is used. The gameplay seems very intuitive and it is just one of those things you got to try for yourself to get a full understanding.

One new piece of news is that the Gerudo will be making a return in Phantom Hourglass. This is actually quite important as it was originally thought in most timeline theories that the Gerudo did not survive the Great Flood.

More information should be available soon as the game is less than a month away from release in Japan. It is scheduled for a June 23rd release.

Source: The Hylia

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