The information is still pouring in, as review copies of Majora’s Mask 3D are now out in the wild. Unfortunately we don’t have one ourselves (we’re on a waiting list), but until then we have plenty of information to share thanks to the other outlets who have the game. While we shared a ton of videos yesterday, today we have some new tidbits, along with some confirmations of things you might have spotted in yesterday’s footage.

New Information:

  • Bomber’s Notebook Given by Happy Mask Salesman
  • Sheikah Stones have Been Added
  • Picto Box Has it’s own icon on the TS for taking multiple pictures
  • 1 Fishing hole is near the Shooting Gallery, the other in the Great Bay area
  • Free Fishing with a Fishing Hole Pass, redeemable for a single use
  • Garo’s Mask now looks like the Garo Master
  • Giant’s Mask now allows Link to swing Twinmold around by its tail and smash it into the ground
  • Deku Link can shoot bubbles in a straight line


  • 60 FPS
  • 3 Save Files
  • Standard Fishing Rod and one with a Sinking Lure (catch different kinds of fish)
  • Bomber’s Gang no longer found in the same location
  • Clock Town Bank has been moved to the main town square
  • Strange eyes behind the masks of the bosses are a new weak point, hit-able when stunned

This is some great information. Everything above is courtesy the fine folks over at Hidden Triforce.

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