Way back in 2002, long before any of you were born, Smooth Operator appeared on the Internets to bring us their satirical takes on all of life’s most important issues. Their most recent article, written by Kris, the site’s administrator, is a retro-review of the original Legend of Zelda game.

While most reviews of the Legend of Zelda are overwhelmingly positive, Smooth Operator awards the game a -1,215 out of 10, claiming “This is a horrible game that makes me embarrassed to be an avid video

game player. If Pong had been this bad, not only would Atari have never

released it but they would have locked it away in a twelve inch thick

metal safe where it could never hurt anyone again and all subsequent

video games would have been canceled.”

Nice words! They do, however, admit its story is better than that of Tetris.

Full article here.

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