In any Legend of Zelda game, there are few opportunities for a hero to relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a lack of enemies trying to do him harm. Of the handful of locations that actually afford this, Kakariko Village is perhaps the most well known, so it comes as no surprise that its iconic theme has been adapted to a smooth jazz arrangement. Jazz musician Insaneintherainmusic, also known as Carlos, has composed a version of the relaxing melody set to jazz piano, saxophone, bass, drums, and vocals – yes, there are even lyrics!

The entire five-and-a-half minute piece takes us from the most basic and familiar part of the theme, painting a picture of the picturesque setting with vocals, provided by YouTube artist Sab Irene. As it moves on, however, the listener is brought through an extended interpretation of the melody, providing an exploration of myriad wonderful characters, mirroring one’s wanderings through the town, discovering all it has to offer. All is brought back together by a joyful return to the main theme and more soothing lyrics that drive towards a calming closing.

This beautiful arrangement is only one of six equally impressive tunes from Carlos and Sab’s brand new album “Weebop”, which explores and enhances themes from both the video game and anime musical spheres. Included in these are “Still Alive” from Portal, “Path of the Wind” from “My Neighbor Totoro”, and “The Pokemon Theme” from “Pokemon: The Indigo League”, among others. If you’d like to listen to samples of these, and/or purchase the tracks, check out the duo’s album on Loudr, iTunes (available soon), or Google Play, and keep an eye on insaneintherain’s YouTube page for upcoming releases.

What are your thoughts on this arrangement? Would you like to see the duo tackle any more of Zelda’s classic tunes? Share your thoughts with us below.

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