mcqueen.pngAs you guys know, I recently became enrolled in college. As the first semester dragged on, I began to fall victim to many of the inherent woes that come with attending an unprestigious organization such as the one I chose—a constant state of drunkenness, a total absence of money, and being peer pressured into what I thought was one of the worst things known to man: cigarette smoking. At first, I figured all it would do is make all my clothes smell funny and give me the lupus or something, but it’s not all negative. I feel like James Dean or something every time I take a puff. When I smoke, I feel invincible. You should see the ways girls look at me when they walk past. I never got anything like that before. And as if that was enough, now comes this, a Legend of Zelda-related cigarette case.

Pretty sure that with this I’m going to be unstoppable. I am Steve McQueen. I can’t wait to display this in public. Really hope people start asking me for a cig now, just so I can bust this out. They’re gonna be so jealous. I hope I start a new trend. Wonder if I can bring Zelda into the mainstream by combining it with something cool like this. Might bundle this with that new Link hat Nate posted about earlier. Not sure how many smoke breaks I’m gonna take during Spirit Tracks. In any case, order yours here. For the unenlightened, you can still use it to hold money, credit cards, and the like, as well.

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