Smilies & 25,000 Posts!

I originally made the smilies on the forums about a year and a half ago, but since we switched over to vBulletin, some of the new “default” ones replaced mine, others were lost… It was kinda a mess and I didn’t bother to fix it at the time… Also, the ones I had were made more for a white background, thus the white edges really stuck out like crazy before in our very dark (world) forums.

All that being said, I’ve fixed all the smilies as well as added new ones, removed old ones, and combined ones that were very similar. I’m proud of the end result, and thank you forum members who helped bounce ideas off me for new smilies! I plan to make another smiley update in the future, so don’t worry if the one you wanted didn’t get added this time around. Below are some examples of the new smilies:

Full list of current smilies

Speaking of the forums… We’re drawing near to a grand total of 25,000 posts. Now’s a good a time as any to come on in and help us make that mark =)

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