By now, you knuckleheads should be familiar with Sleaze’s Ocarina of Rhyme mixtape. If not, familiarize yourself now. Three days after dropping his ambitious project came Sleaze’s Awakening: The 10,000 Rupees Mix, a collection of new tracks, remixes, and instrumentals, all employing music from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Tracklist below:

1) Gerudo Mornings

2) Great Fairy (Laughin’)

3) Dancing Ladies

4) Fireproof

5) Belly of the Beast (full)

6) Ganon’s Two Step

7) Majora’s Break

8) Goron City

9) Kneepads

10) From The Shadows

11) Lost in the Woods

12) Requiem

13) Stones

14) Rock Out

Download here, and check out his blog/other works here.

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