In all the excitement that comes along with a new Skyward Sword trailer, showcasing the beauty of Skyloft, and the danger-packed Hyrule below, you may have missed an important clue that could hold the key to Skyward Sword’s plot. So what did this impressive and action-packed trailer have to offer us that we didn’t already know, in terms of storyline?

Well for one thing, if you didn’t already pick up on this, it’s highly likely that the blonde-haired girl in the trailer is in fact Zelda herself. Many probably assumed that, while Link lived high above in Skyloft, Zelda was down in Hyrule below, victim of the perils that plagued the land. In true Hero fashion, Link would come swooping down and save the fair maiden. Well given her obvious resemblance to Zelda, and the fact that in the latest demo of Skyward Sword, when Link obtains a bird statue, the in-game text reads “Wait till Zelda sees this!”, it’s safe to assume that the Princess is above the clouds as well.

This changes things considerably, because if, as previously stated by Nintendo in the past, Skyloft and Hyrule are not aware of each others’ existences, and if Zelda is in Skyloft, that makes it pretty likely that the Royal Family is not yet in power in Hyrule.

The image at the top of the article gives us one more interesting tidbit. Despite the fact that Zelda is in Skyloft, and has no knowledge of Hyrule, her dress has the Hylian Royal Crest on it. Unfortunately, the trailer did not afford us any good angles, but if you look closely, there’s one significant difference between her dress and the well-known Zelda symbol: The Triforce is absent from the crest.

Given that Skyloft clearly has a very bird-oriented culture, it makes sense that the symbol of the wings originated in Skyloft. Perhaps Skyward Sword will explain to us how the Triforce came to join the bird as the symbol of the Hylian Royal Family.

Feel free to post your thoughts and theories on the matter in the comments.

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