This bit a news just hit my inbox this morning and was too juicy to pass up. Everyone recognizes the above photo taken last year as Reggie and Miyamoto chow down on some Mario cake in celebration. What most don’t know is the cake itself origination from Miyamoto’s favorite bakery in Japan. What also is overlooked is the importance of that bakery in Nintendo’s upcoming Zelda game, Skyward Sword. This comes from an interview at IGN:

IGN: While the name Skyward Sword makes sense in the context of Skyloft in the upcoming Wii title, was their any other inspiration for the game that came from your experiences?

Miyamoto: *laughs* I like to think there is a bit of my real world experiences in every game I create. If we want to narrow it down to just this particular game, the title was actually inspired by my favorite Bakery back home called Skyward Donuts and More.

IGN: Wait, a Bakery inspired a Zelda title?

Miyamoto: They do fantastic work with all Nintendo related cakes at PR events, so it only makes sense. We always wanted to tell the story of Link in the clouds, but coming up with just the right term to express that was hard. However, I happen to be going to Skyward Donuts and More one morning to get breakfast and it just hit me like a ton of bricks. Skyward… Sword. Amazing how that works.

IGN: Amazing indeed.

This was definitely not what I expected. Earlier it was explained Skyward Sword was named because of the motion plus sword controls and the importance of Skyloft, but apparently coming up with just the right term to express that was harder than most thought. Thank goodness Miyamoto has an amazing bakery to inspire him. One has to wonder if this means we could see other bakery inspired items in the game. What would be some bakery style items you would like to see in Skyward Sword?

Source: IGN

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