Skyward Sword Graphical Comparison of Link

With the more toon than realistic graphic style Nintendo has decided to use for Skyward Sword, we would expect it to stimulate a lot of discussion on the topic. Both those fans who love the direction, and those who are appalled by it. Over the past month TheMaverickk of Zelda Universe has been releasing his four part Skyward Sword Graphics Comparative Study. Part one, from back in June compares the Deku Baba designs from Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Part two looked at the designs of Chu Chus spanning back to The Wind Waker and part three did likewise, except for Bokoblins.

Part four was released yesterday, which takes a look at the graphic design of none other than than Link himself, comparing the new title to Twilight Princess. If you’re still wondering why exactly Nintendo choose this style for Skyward Sword, you really should check out this series, because it’s about how Nintendo really is advancing the graphics of the Zelda series through Skyward Sword, not regressing through them. Otherwise, these comparative charts are still pretty interesting for anyone who’s excited about Skyward Sword.

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