Skyward Sword Screenshot 002We’ve tackled this beast before, both in rumor form as well as giving the other side of the story. That still hasn’t stopped IGN from “predicting” it as being a high possibility of happening.

The reasons for this mostly lie in that Twilight Princess was, from a business perspective, an excellent move on Nintendo’s part. That and with Wii 2 on the horizon in 2012, Skyward Sword could be overlooked before it even reaches one year old, and that of course could potentially affect sales.

I understand the business side logic behind such a move. I also understand the utter frustration fans would have if this actually happened. Keep in mind that if this does occur, it means the Wii, which had the longest life cycle of all of Nintendo’s consoles so far, would have come and went without a proper Zelda title. It also means there is a possibility we may also never get a proper title for Cafe, as the development cycle could again land it at the end of the console’s lifespan (unless they plan on Cafe/Wii 2 being an 8 year console, which is possible). So, for the fans no one wins, but it certainly would help really push console sales.

Other games could fill those shoes as well, but are those games this ready to come out? A new Smash Bros. game (as has been rumored) would certainly move a lot of hardware among core fans early on, as would a top flight Mario game that truly builds off of the new standards of excellence Galaxy put in place. Still, of all of the potential Nintendo launch titles, Skyward Sword is the only one we know that is practically ready to go right now. So, a delay is definitely possible.

We’ve had this discussion before, but leave it to IGN to make it rear its ugly head yet again. How would you feel if the game was delayed like Twilight Princess? Would you still be buying it at some point next year regardless?

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