What does it all mean? Wait, you don’t see it? I don’t blame you. Pictured to the left is the lanyard that holds the E3 Press Pass to Nintendo’s Conference, something our own Alex Plant will receive shortly so we can get a better picture. Still, there are some slight changes you can see, notably in the Sword and Shield area. Still don’t see it?


Skyward Sword Official Art 003

No? Here’s another hint: try taking a closer look at the sword hilt. … Need us to spell it out for you?


This sword in the updated lanyard art seems to be the same sword seen in the GDC 2011 trailer as seen below:

Chances are this is the original form of the actual Skyward Sword, but one has to wonder why such a change was actually done to the official art. Has the form of the Master Sword actually changed in design? Is the older art simply out of date and the hilt isn’t the most relevant image for this game anymore? Who knows, but we’ll surely find out more next Tuesday.

Source: NeoGaf

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