We’ve been steadily uploading Skyward Sword videos to the Zelda Dungeon YouTube Channel for several weeks now and we are just over the halfway mark with the video guide. The better news is that I’ve nearly completed the video guide on my end, having recorded 16 of the 18 chapters, and audio dubbed 15 of those chapters. Just three more chapters to go! What does this mean for the fans out there? More rapid video uploads as I’m hoping to have the entire video walkthrough completed and uploaded within the next three weeks.

If the video walkthrough isn’t for you, you can certainly use our Skyward Sword Walkthrough here at the site, which has been completed with screenshots since just days after the games release. It is a 100% guide that includes all the collectibles and side quests. For those of you wondering, Caleb is likely to do a more ‘complete’ video guide of Skyward Sword in the distant future. Something similar in quality to the Majora’s Mask guide you already see at our YouTube channel. That does take some time to do and with our current video guide just releasing, it isn’t a top priority. If you haven’t seen any of our videos for Skyward Sword yet, go ahead and make the jump to check out the first video.

You can check out the full Skyward Sword Video Walkthrough Playlist to see all of the videos we have uploaded thus far.

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