While we have had our Skyward Sword Walkthrough available here at the site in complete form since the launch of the game, I’ve steadily been working on the Skyward Sword video walkthrough as well. I’ve nearly completed the game four times now and in my latest play through, I recorded it in its entirety. It’s now a matter of adding audio commentary to all the chapters as well as making minor edits to the videos. This is a 100% walkthrough and I tried getting all the items and side quests in the most efficient manner. Overall, the recordings are coming along smoothly and I’ve started the audio commentary for the first chapter. The first video is now available and subsequent videos will be added very frequently to our YouTube Channel. Go ahead and make the jump to see the first video in the guide.

For those of you who are regulars at the YouTube Channel, you might be asking, why isn’t this in the same top-notch format as our Majora’s Mask Video Walkthrough? Truth is we would have loved to do something in that top-quality format, but I wanted to get a Skyward Sword Video Guide out as quickly as possible. While this is a bit later than I originally hoped for, I think with very frequent updates, this guide will be of great benefit to gamers who need help now, and for people who will be getting this game this holiday season.

Caleb will likely make his own Skyward Sword Video Walkthrough sometime in the future and that will be of similar quality as the Majora’s Mask video walkthrough. However, that isn’t a top priority now and it’s a project reserved for the future. For now, enjoy the first part of the video walkthrough and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the daily videos for the guide.

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