In a recent Iwata Asks interview, Shigeru Miyamoto reconfirmed that Skyward Sword will indeed feature an orchestrated soundtrack. What is new however, is the revelation that the music within Skyward Sword will also feature folk instruments in many of its pieces. Add to that the fact that this new iteration will feature a variety of classic Zelda tunes, now orchestrated; and you have yet another compelling reason as to why Skyward Sword could very well be the best Zelda game yet. You can read my thoughts on this after the jump.

Now, it is my understanding that many fans have been not only waiting, but begging Nintendo to incorporate orchestrated music into the beloved Legend of Zelda franchise. Yes, they are in my opinion 13 years too late as they should have done this back in 1999, or at least for the Ocarina of TIme 3DS remake. Though, all in all, it’s a pretty exciting step for the series to take. I just wish that Nintendo wasn’t so afraid of change, but that’s a topic for another time. Shown below are the relevant portions of the Iwata Asks interview:

Yokota speaking of folk music:

Iwata: What are the main points with regard to the sound?

Yokota: One of the characteristics of the music of The Legend of Zelda series is the background music with folk instruments. So not only the regular orchestral instruments, but we also recorded some folk instruments live.

Mention of orchestrating classic tunes:

Yokota: I suppose so. Actually, when listening to past music for the Legend of Zelda series, there were several songs that I wanted to arrange for an orchestra. I chose some to my fancy and put them in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

What are your thoughts? Are you guys excited about the inclusion of orchestrated music? Do you also wish Nintendo would have stepped up their game long ago?

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