Skyward Sword Placeholder BoxWhile there has been no mention at all of a cost for the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, one would assume that it would run at the standard cost of $49.99. However, the folks over at Amazon have a pre-order price at $59.99. While this is obviously a placeholder price, Donkey Kong Country and Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii are both priced at $49.99. One can only speculate as to why Skyward Sword is priced at the higher $59.99 point.

The obvious reason the pops up in my mind is the Wii Motion Plus. While Wii Sports Resort was a huge success, most Wii owners do not own the Wii Motion Plus. So rather than having to purchase a Wii Motion Plus separately, it may come bundled with Skyward Sword. It seems a standard and a bundled version of Skyward Sword seems like a very practical idea. However, if you think back some 10 years ago, a very similar situation happened with Majora’s Mask. That game required the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak, which ran at $14.99 at release. Majora’s Mask itself, being a N64 cartridge game, retailed at a ridiculous $79.99, of which when you include the Expansion Pak and tax, the game ran over $100. Now it doesn’t seem like Skyward Sword will be anywhere near the pricing, but even if we get away with a bundled package for $59.99, it sounds like a good deal to me.

Skyward Sword is still set to release in 2011, although Amazon has a placeholder release of December 31st, 2011. Either way, upon release here at Zelda Dungeon we will be offering complete Skyward Sword Walkthrough. Until then, why not take a gander over at our Skyward Sword Forum to see what other Zelda fans have to say about the game.

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