Several new pieces of Skyward Sword Official Artwork were released earlier today, along with several revamped versions of old artwork. The notable difference between the revamped pieces of artwork, is that the sword Link is holding has changed. In particular, it seemed like he was holding the Master Sword before, but now he is holding a different sword with a green handle. Based on the title of the game, it makes sense that sword in the artwork is the actual Skyward Sword.

The three new pieces touch on three of the major characters that we no of thus far. The first is of Princess Zelda along with her flying bird companion. You can see the image to the left and you can get a moderate size version if you click it. We also have a similar piece but with Link and his companion. The third character image is of the pale guy who we have now seen in two different Skyward Sword Trailers. Check out the rest the artwork after the jump.

For all the official artwork for Skyward Sword, including the now out-dated art from last years E3, check out the Skyward Sword Official Artwork page at our image gallery.

Source: Nintendo’s E3 Press Release Site

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