Skyward Sword Music

The video above is the attempted re-creation of the theme heard during the Skyward Sword demo presented at E3. Although it isn’t official, it’s close enough to allow us to analyze the theme a bit further. Personally, I quite like it. It suits the demo area quite well, and the added ambiance of bird/insect noises really increases the immersion factor. It is a bit repetitive, however.

This next song isn’t an official source, or related to an official source. It’s a fan’s interpretation of what they’d like to hear in the upcoming Zelda title. Think of it as musical fan art. Even though it’s not created by Nintendo, I still find this track to be incredibly brilliant. I hear a tiny bit of Midna’s Desperate Hour from Twilight Princess here, in addition to the theme that plays in the first Metroid Prime game as you explore the ruins of the former space station underwater. I’d be extremely happy if the dungeons in Skyward Sword had music resembling this.

What are your thoughts about all this? Is the first video an accurate re-creation of the demo theme? What are your thoughts on the piece of fan music created for Skyward Sword? Would you like to hear music like that in the game? Are you aware of any similar songs on YouTube or elsewhere? Let us know in the comments!

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