Skyward Sword Meme

Well, Skyward Sword delivered as it was expected to and understandably, it has left fans thinking. And what better way to record thoughts on the game than by filling out the Skyward Sword meme? That’s right, there’s a meme that asks twelve questions about your Skyward Sword experience. Feri-san on deviantART has answered the questions from the meme with comical accuracy and drawn interesting pictures to go along with it. Anyone who has played the game should be able to enjoy it. Feri-san’s drawings are cute and you may be surprised to find out that you weren’t the only one whose favorite item was the beetle, for example. Do you agree with her choices for each number? Take a look at the picture below.

This picture covers the little quirks of the game that can either annoy or aggravate users. It’s realistic and amusing at the same time. Who needs to face Demise head-on when you can chase a sky stag beetle or two? Who didn’t have a “you’re-totally-like-Navi-but-you-can-be-hilarious” relationship with Fi? Who didn’t want to chuck the Wiimote across the room when the Imprisoned wouldn’t just STAY DOWN? And last but certainly not least, no matter how creepy he is, who didn’t look forward to defeating Ghirahim again and again each time? Feri-san did a great job drawing out her favorite and least favorite parts of the game, and it’s good for a laugh.

What do you think of the meme? What are your favorite parts of the game? Least favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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