A few days back we updated both our Skyward Sword Characters page and our Skyward Sword Enemies page. Today we’ve continued the process of updating some of our Skyward Sword sections and we now have for you all an updated Skyward Sword Items page. All of our Skyward Sword content is eventually building to a full blown Skyward Sword Walkthorugh, which will be available shortly after the games release. With all three of the above content pages, much of the material is still tentative since we don’t know exactly what is going to be in the final version.

Thus far between the various trailers and gameplay videos that we’ve seen in the last year, we’ve counted 20 things that we would normally consider to be items. Some of these include Link’s swords and shields, his inventory items, bottled items, recovery hearts, rupees, and quest items. You can see the full listing at the page, but we want to hear from you. Is there anything we missed in the descriptions? What items do you think are going to be included when the game releases? Any brand new items that you’d like to see? Feel free to post your thoughts, criticisms, and speculation in the comments below.

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