Every time there is a new Zelda trailer, there is an IGN Rewind Trailer soon to follow and this E3 is no different. I’ve embedded the video above and you can see a bullet point analysis of some of the points made after the jump. In case you’ve missed, you can see the original post here at Zelda Dungeon of the full Skyward Sword Trailer.

  • The first large island in the trailer is the actual island of Skyloft.
  • Link and Zelda are childhood friends, much like in The Minish Cap.
  • There are a lot of new races in Skyward Sword.
  • The statue represents one of the guardians of Skyloft.
  • The color of Link’s earrings change throughout the trailer.
  • Zelda seems more jolly, laid back, and not as serious as her OoT and TP counterparts.
  • Link does not start with his Green Tunic to start the game.
  • Link and Zelda are just friends and there doesn’t seem to be a romantic connection.
  • Link starts with a generic sword and then gets the Skyward Sword early on.
  • The girl from the original artwork is named ‘Phi’ and she becomes the Skyward Sword.
  • Phi is the guardian throughout your quest and acts as your Navi in this game.
  • Male character perhaps the King of Hyrule. (I think he resembles Rauru from OoT)
  • This male character gives Link his trademark Green Tunic.
  • The beetle can be used to cut down Deku Babas.
  • A new unnamed character or species that partly resembles a penguin and panda.
  • Link has a wooden shield early on in the game.
  • Three-headed dragon enemy that somewhat resembles a Gleeok.
  • Color based puzzles are present in the game.
  • New Spider-Rock-Lave monster creature. (We’ll come up with a better name)
  • Another new race is shown of people who live by a volcano.
  • Link’s bird is his air version of Epona.
  • There are a number of islands in Skyloft, perhaps similar to The Wind Waker’s island system.
  • There is a whole beneath the clouds and this could be the entrance to Hyrule.
  • Ghirahim is one of the villains, but IGN thinks Ganon will still be the main bad boy.
  • There is a huge emphasis on swordplay during the battle with Ghirahim.

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