Skyward Sword: Hero Mode

Back in September at the Nintendo 3DS Conferience in Japan Shigeru Miyamoto hinted at a second quest of sorts. However, after getting further translations of that conference, it seemed unclear what he actually was referring to. We never really got full confirmation that there was a second quest at all, but from a recent post over at NeoGAF, we might just have this. The poster refers to the new feature as the Hero Mode and it contains many of the same aspects as the Master Quest from Ocarina of Time. While we cannot 100% confirm the authenticity of this, we can give you the details. Make the jump to see what the Hero Mode entails.

  • Enemies do double damage
  • There are no heart drops or heart flowers (unless you have a particular medal equipped which gives you a very small chance of getting a heart drop)
  • The Sheikah Stone gives you all the hint clips from the beginning
  • A bunch of NPCs acknowledge the fact that you’re playing in Hero Mode and let you skip certain tutorials/explanations

Nothing seems too out of the ordinary here and it surely sounds like is reasonable. If any new information breaks on this mode, we’ll be sure to bring it to you.

Source: NeoGAF

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