Surely to the delight of dedicated fans, Skyward Sword HD‘s release has coincided with a collection of merchandise the size of Eldin Volcano. Whether a pre-order bonus or an additional purchase, there’s been no shortage of supplemental items available alongside the game itself. Yet another novelty has become available from My Nintendo UK in the form of this XL post card set and accompanying art stand.

This set includes seven large-scale postcards featuring artwork inspired by Skyward Sword HD. Link, Zelda, Fi, and Ghirahim all receive their own portrait-style cards as does the iconic cover image for the game. Additionally, there is a map of the Skyward Sword HD‘s surface world and the classic picture of Link riding atop his crimson Loftwing, both in landscape orientation. The set also comes with an art stand which can display the postcards in either position.

The full set is available to UK Nintendo fans for a mere 400 Platinum Points. Some outlets have even been referring to this as a “freebie” because the small sum of points required for purchase can be acquired fairly easily by making regular visits to the My Nintendo Rewards website. Regardless, anyone interested in purchasing this set of high-quality postcards will still have to pay shipping and handling fees.

What do you think of these gigantic postcards? Would you send one of these to another Zelda fan? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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