Yesterday we updated the Skyward Sword Characters page and today we have for you all the updated Skyward Sword Enemies page. With the new E3 trailer and the subsequent gameplay videos we got, we saw two brand new enemies in Skyward Sword. One of them is a three-headed foe who we are referring to as Gleeok, given his similarities to Gleeok in past Zelda games. The other creature is a massive fire dude that we are calling a Fire Rocktite, due to its resemblence to the Rocktite from Spirit Tracks. In addition to these new enemies, we’ve updated some of the pictures and descriptions for all the rest of the enemies.

In total, we now have 22 full enemies, along with a 23rd puzzle enemy. Many of these creatures are old Zelda enemies that have been changed up a bit, some are brand new enemies, and some might not even be enemies at all! Nevertheless, since we are still in pre-release form, we’ve included everything and tried to provide as much detail as possible.

Over the next few days we are going to continue to upgrade many of the Skyward Sword content pages, which will all build up to the eventual Skyward Sword Walkthrough that we will release shortly after the game hits shelves later this year. However, I’d like to make note that this is a perfect time for all of you to get involved with Zelda Dungeon! While we are going to making an official post about new staff positions, we are currently taking Applications for new content writers. If you are interested in writing for Zelda Dungeon, then take a look at the openings page for more information. If you’d like to send in a quick application, you can e-mail me at Just please include your Skype account so we can chat.

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