jfallonssIf you’ve been tracking Skyward Sword, you may remember the appearance that Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made on the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. During this brief session, we got a chance to see Jimmy duke it out with the mini-boss of the very first dungeon, Stalfos. Stalfos appears as a giant skeleton – as always – and wields two giant swords to attack and defend with. To much of my own surprise, Jimmy Fallon was able to destroy Stalfos by flailing around the Wii Remote, getting hit only once by the undead terror.

This poses a question: will this game truly be as difficult at some originally thought? Will every enemy truly be a puzzle? Many hits from Jimmy were blocked by Stalfos, but this delayed Link’s sword swipes by little to none at all. I understand that the beginning of the game isn’t designed to be hard, but the flailing of the sword still seems like a little much, especially the little delay when being blocked. Check out the video below to see Jimmy Fallon in action, then leave your opinions on what you’ve seen and the difficulty of Skyward Sword moving on in the comments.

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