Skyward Sword ScreenshotWe have been hard at work on our Skyward Sword section of the site over the last two days and we are now ready to officially launch several of the game pages. As Scott stated in the previous news post, it has been a collaborated effort amongst the staff and we have the following pages ready to go, filled with what we know thus far about the game.

Skyward Sword Bosses
Skyward Sword Characters
Skyward Sword Enemies
Skyward Sword Items
Skyward Sword Storyline
Skyward Sword Videos

We have also setup placeholder pages for our upcoming Skyward Sword Walkthrough and Skyward Sword Video Walkthrough, which we will be providing when the game hits in 2011. When looking through the above pages, if you find anything that is missing, incorrect, or just some suggestions, please let us know as we’d like to make our content the best that it can be. With that said, head on over to our Skyward Sword Forum to discuss the upcoming Legend of Zelda title with our forum community.

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