Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

UK Video Game magazine Gamesmaster‘s March Issue this year had a cool surprise for subscribers; a snazzy Skyward Sword belt! Usually with giveaways like this, people who aren’t subscribers or people not from the UK get left behind in the dust. However, this is one item you won’t be searching for second hand on eBay for ridiculous prices, because Gamesmaster is releasing the belt for online sale across the UK, Europe, and the United States. If you missed your chance the first time round, make sure to grab this cool bit of Zelda swag!

Another cool piece of Zelda treasure has been recently released; First4Figures is releasing a Sheik collectible statue, originally on sale in 2007. As well, their statue of Dark Link will be available for pre-sale soon! These are pretty pricey – and the majority of the other statues in the set are sold out – so this will probably only appeal to the more hardcore collectors, but they are still very cool products and worth taking a look at.

Hopefully this belt will just be the first piece of merchandise to be released in anticipation of Skyward Sword’s release later this year, with more coming along as we approach the release date. What would you like to see as merchandise or pre-order bonuses for Skyward Sword? Do you have any cool Zelda merch or products that you would like to brag about? Tell us in the comments below!

Sources: Gameswag, First4Figures
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