Zelda fans, rejoice! If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword for some inexplicable reason, you have an opportunity to get it from Best Buy for a crazy price of $14.99. This sounds absolutely insane, as the game is not even a year old. Heck, Twilight Princess is still available for only $20 and that game is over five years old. But this deal is very real. There are a few catches, however. First of all, you must be a member of the Best Buy Rewards Zone. Second, you have to physically go to a Best Buy store to get it; you cannot get it online. If for some reason you don’t have this game, there has never been a better time to get it! But you better hurry, as this offer is available only through August 18th.

Even if you already have this amazing game, you might still find a use in getting one this cheap. Firstly, it makes a great gift. Also, after this deal is no longer available, you could sell this game for about $40 and make some bucks. Regardless if you have the game or not, this is an opportunity that no gamer should pass up.

Source: Examiner

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