Skyward Sword ScreenshotOur friends over at Legend Zelda have posted an interesting tidbit in regards to the potential release date of Skyward Sword. According to them, an employee who works at Gamestop has photographed a computer screen in which it shows Skyward Sword with an April 1st release date. Furthermore it is stated to be packaged together with a Wii Motion Plus. Now, normally this would not be anything of any significance but there is something of interest here. The Nintendo fiscal year runs until March 31st of each year. The Gamestop release of Skyward Sword is now set to outside the current fiscal year of Nintendo. Perhaps this in fact means that there was some cue from Nintendo to Gamestop that the game won’t be ready during their fiscal year and thus, the April 1st release date signifies a Quarter 2 release, with the earliest being April.

This is all speculation and really there is nobody that knows for sure when Skyward Sword will release. What we do know is that Nintendo has stated that it will be out in early 2011. Whether that means February, March, or April, each day we are inching closer. Remember, here at Zelda Dungeon we will be providing a full blown Skyward Sword Walkthrough upon release, so be sure to bookmark that page.

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