Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 7.45.22 AMYesterday we shared scans from Hyrule Warriors Legends of both Skull Kid and Phantom Ganon from a recent article in Famitsu Magazine. Now we are getting more details about both characters as well as some gameplay functionality. Some of this might be new information to those of you that are not as familiar with Skull Kid and Phantom Ganon, but for some of you most of this will not come as all that much of a surprise. According to the Famitsu, Skull Kid is a demon-like little imp that although can be violent at times, and has a fondness for pranks, he still has a special place in his heart for his friends. Phantom Ganon on the other hand has no fondness for friends and is shown wielding great magic and dual swords.

Head on past the break to find out what else Famitsu had to say about the latest additions to Hyrule Warriors Legends.

The devilish little imp, Skull Kid has stolen an Ocarina from our hero in a parallel world and placed a curse on the mask he wears. Using his Ocarina as a weapon he fights with fairies at his side. Through the magic of his mask he uses the power of darkness to thwart his foes. He can release a heat laser by concentrating all of the energy of his mask towards the front and once he has captured his enemy he can then release a massive ball of energy that causes a huge explosion. Using his ocarina he can call upon his two fairies companions for support, as well as attack larger groups all at once. As his main ability is to use tricky attacks, Skull Kid can also use his trumpet to call upon scarecrow puppets to fight for him automatically.

As for Phantom Ganon, he is the newest boss character to be added to the game. Wielding dual swords he appears fierce and unrelenting. He will work to confuse you by using the ability of teleportation and various illusions. It appears that very similarly to Phantom Ganon from The Wind Waker, he can throw energy attacks at those that try to defeat him. What appears to be a new ability for this game, he will be able to intercept the use of items and gimmicks.

Maximum of four characters can be deployed in Hyrule Warriors Legends, however during boss battles players will have a special ability called “Smash Boost Power” where the can gather all the characters that can operate together, using this ability will help to replenish the magic gauge as well as give additional boosts to the player. Activating the Smash Boost Power will also cause some sort of lightning to appear on the screen and bathe the enemy in a green light, and they will remain that way until defeated. The more characters you use, the more benefits you will receive.

The Famitsu article has also alluded to a new enemy in the game in one of the screenshots, nothing else is known at this time, however this new foe is not a boss. They also mention the Earth and Wind Temple briefly as well.

Stay tuned for more information! With the release date still a few months away we will have a lot to look forward to hearing about. Maybe a Western release date too! So far all we know is that it will release in Japan on January 21st and the western release will be sometime in Q1.

Source: Nintendo Everything



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