Six Golden Years

The day has finally come. The day that comes just once a year. The anniversary of the birth of Zelda Dungeon. Six years. Each of the last few years at the sites birthday, I reflect on the sites history, the past year, and the future of Zelda Dungeon. Each year Zelda Dungeon has grown and the same can be said about this year. This hasn’t been the best of years for Zelda Dungeon. Just 6-10 monthes ago propositions were on the table to potentially even close our doors to merge with several other Zelda sites. The passed year saw the loss of one of the leaders of Zelda Dungeon in Cartoons. The last few monthes even saw our forums hacked. However, throughout all of this, the site still carries on and is as prosperous as ever.

In one years time, Zelda Dungeon found a new co-webmaster in my good friend Chrono. Chrono brought with him all the greatness that was Zelda Chronicles and this beautiful layout that you see today. He currently is working on quite a few projects for the site which should be available in the coming weeks. These projects include a full Beta Zelda Compendium as well as several new Fan related sections. Another new staff member was found this passed year in Caleb. With his work on the site, dozens of outdated game content pages are now being redone to perfection. The site also came into partnership with our close friends at Zelda Legacy and now are proud to be a part of the shared forum, the Chamber of Sages.

I’m begining to sound like a broken record when saying the future of Zelda Dungeon is looking as bright as ever, but it really is at the moment. With a new emphasis on perfection when it comes to game content and our new video based content, it’s hard too see an end to the growth of Zelda Dungeon.

On with updates for today. Caleb has finished up several pieces in his Majora’s Mask work. These pages that are now complete and online for viewing include the Majora’s Mask Songs as well as the Skulltula Houses. Each of these two pages are done just as the previous Majora’s Mask work that we recently added. Complete with screenshots and displayed in neatly organized tables. In addition to these two pages, Caleb has also completed the next two parts of the Majora’s Mask Walkthrough. All four pages can be seen in the Majora’s Mask section or through the links below.

On my side of the hill, I have a redone A Link to the Past Items page now available. It isn’t 100% completed yet, as there is just a few display changes that I will be making for easier navigation. In addition to this content page, I have also added Part 3a of the Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough. This part of the walkthrough takes you on a side quest after Parapa Palace.

Last but certainly not least, Vic and I have released our newest Mas & Vic NES review. This time looking at Mega Man 3 for the NES, one of our all time favorite NES games. In addition to adding the video, I have also created a page dedicated to the Mas & Vic reviews. While I have plans for drastically upgrading this page in the future, it does get the job down for now. With this I have officially added Vic to the staff page here at Zelda Dungeon.

Hope you all enjoy the updates we have for you today. Thanks for your continued support of us at Zelda Dungeon and we look forward to bringing you the best content we can offer over the next year.

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