Site Updates, Spirit Tracks Content

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

Hey all, got a few things to update on today. First off, I’d like to apologize for the downtime that we had much of yesterday. After Christmas we had such a surge in visitors that our server was unable to handle the extra load. Fortunately enough, our great host, Atomic Gamer was able to quickly remedy the situation by moving us to a new server. The forums have also since been restored and the site should be fully functional. I sure this this is the end of our hosting issues.

Now, on to some new content! Chapters 1-7 of the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough have received a textual overhaul. The first 7 chapters are now 100% complete, taking you through the main quest, gathering all the heart containers, stamps, rabbits, force gems, etc… Chapters 8-12 are still being worked on, but they do already cover the complete main quest. They are just missing most of the side quests. We hope to get to that soon!

We’ve hit a bit of a speed bump the last week or so. Caleb has been out of commission due to some computer problems, and our other Webmaster Dabombster has been out for much of the last month due to various reasons. We’ve fallen a bit behind our intended schedule, but rest assured we are still working hard to get new Spirit Tracks content out as soon as possible!

Thanks for bearing with us during our tough times and check back soon. Remember, Zelda Dungeon is your Spirit Tracks Headquarters!