Just a quick update today. I posted a new video at my youtube account for Zelda Dungeon. I’ve been getting a lot of questions of what is going on with my video walkthrough. Just letting everybody know it is on hiatus until further notice. I give my short plug/mini-early review of Phantom Hourglass in there as well.

While we are on the topic, thanks to all my youtube subscribers. Just to toss out some numbers, we are closing in on 300 subscribers and part 1 of the LOZ video walkthrough has surpassed 30,000 views. Quite impressive as I didn’t think the audience would be nearly as big as it has turned out. Thanks to all the visitors of Zelda Dungeon as well as yesterday we hit our highest visitor count ever recorded at Zelda Dungeon, surpassing 4,000 visitors. Nice to see there is still a lot of interest in the Zelda world and in particular Phantom Hourglass.

I’m working hard on getting more Phantom Hourglass content up and should have some more goodies ready tomorrow. For now, I uploaded a few of the maps that I scanned from the game and they can be found in our Image Gallery. Not many of them are available at the moment, but I will constantly be adding more as I get further along with the content.

The last thing I want to talk about is affiliates. Where art though? Chrono and I were searching through our list of affiliates just checking out some of the sites only to find a lot of them down, dead, or very sluggish. Thus, we are looking for new Zelda and Video Game based sites to affiliate. Check out the affiliation page for more details on how to apply.

YouTube Zelda Dungoen Status Video

Phantom Hourglass Maps
Phantom Hourglass Enemies
Phantom Hourglass Sand of Hours
Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers

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