So I know this appeared on the net 6 months ago, but some how it slipped past us. This is simply, in my humble opinion, the best Zelda Medley ever done. It’s better than anything ZREO has provided, and more importantly it’s better than any of the other fan creations or even the original in-game tracks. These two musicians are masterful at the instruments they play. How they weave the songs together and a find a way for the medley to just get better and better as it goes on is simply masterful. This is 10 minutes of pure Zelda nerdgasming bliss. Enough talk, just sit back and enjoy this amazing mix. Some other favorites from this duo are after the jump.

These two masterful performers are constantly entering a musical contest so they can perform at Video Games Live, though they seemingly always fall just short of winning. Honestly, who needs video games live? With this sort of talent just set up your own local event and watch the popularity spread. I believe these two hail from Germany, and you can check them out at their YouTube Channel or conversely on their Website.

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