Awhile back we partnered with SilvaGunner, a person who uploaded several thousand video game music albums to YouTube for fans enjoyment. As this video explains, his channel is banned forever. Unlike some of the unjust bans in the past of Lets Play walkthrough folk, this ban is, unfortunately, not one that can be disputed. While it is highly possible he was reported by people who are actually not associated with the music, technically what he did was not within the letter of the law. He isn’t alone, there are several other game related music channels out there.The original copyright law for YouTube simply stated you have to give credit to the original creator of the music, however since Google took over, the laws have gone back to the traditional standard. More after the jump.

As it stands, unless you created a remix or are playing an instrument (thus “creating” the sound you hear), you are not allowed to upload music to YouTube. Some of you may ask “but wait, doesn’t Zelda Informer have music downloads?”. Yes, we do, and the nature of legality with them comes down the nature of the people behind them, namely Koji Kondo and Nintendo themselves. As long as they give us permission, we are allowed to use them freely. While we don’t have direct permission, a PR representative from Golin Harris (the PR company for Nintendo of America) told me that we fit within a specific “realm” for them that they deem as a positive for their business standard. As in, even though we provide music, it actually helps promote their games and material. Specifically since a lot of this music was never released in soundtrack form to begin with. Here is what SilverGunner had to say in his farwell:

Hey everyone.

This might get a bit long, but I just want to try and set the record straight with what’s actually happened and is happening with me, SilvaGunner.

As plenty of you already know, my original account got “terminated”. That is, the account got shutdown, banned, locked, whatever you want to call it. I believe this was because I got three videos removed for copyright infringement. I have completely forgotten the email details tied to my SilvaGunner account, so I cannot check what got me my final strike.

Unfortunately, as I do not know my email account details for SilvaGunner, I cannot even attempt to have my account’s termination reversed either. I have tried and tried to remember what it might have been but to no avail. If I do manage to find it, I will definitely review my case for attempting to revive my original YouTube account. But don’t hold your breath…

I want to let all my fans and followers out there know that I only have ONE other YouTube account now. That account is SilvaGunner2 – the very account I have uploaded this video with. Okay, I lie a little bit. I also have an account called SilvaGynnwr, which I made way before SilvaGunner2. However, I have also messed up the login details for that too, so that’s pretty much inaccessible to me now. So the only account I have that I can use on YouTube is SilvaGunner2.

Unfortunately, since the banning of my account, some people on YouTube have decided it would be a good idea to steal my identity and claim that they are the real SilvaGunner under new accounts. Many people that followed me are under the impression I’m uploading music again on these new accounts, and heaping praise on them for the work I did in the past. It saddens me a little that they are deceiving you in this way, but I guess there’s not much I can do about that. This video will hopefully clarify things for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for people uploading video game music to YouTube. The more, the merrier. But it’s the imposters that get to me. I just think it shows a lot of disrespect to not just me, but the fans on YouTube too.

Uploading this video might not force any fakers to come clean or just be themselves, but hopefully it will get passed around, or my fans will stumble across it, and will hopefully realise the truth. That’s my intention anyway. And it’s obvious not everybody will ever know the truth, or even believe it, but there’s not much else I can about that either.

Also, I know there are a few tribute channels to me which upload music. I’m cool with that, and as long as these tributes openly state they aren’t me, that’s fine. It’s the channels claiming to be me or lead others to believe they are me that I have a problem with.

I will not be uploading music again to YouTube. I’m sorry for that, but I just don’t have the motivation or as much time for it anymore. I used to have a lot more time to upload a couple of years ago, but I’ve got a lot busier in my life outside of the internet, and it’s not possible to carry on. And of course, after seeing over 7000 of your uploads taken from you in a flash, I think you’d have little motivation to start over too 😛

I also just want to clarify something I read elsewhere on the internet too. Prior to my SilvaGunner account, I did not have any other account on YouTube. Someone was saying I’d been banned on other accounts before for uploading music, but that is not true. SilvaGunner is the only other account I have had on YouTube.

I say this a lot, but I want to thank you all for your support to me. Not just in recent weeks due to my banning, but for the support during the time I was uploading too. Whether you followed me since the very beginning, or at the very end, thank you. All your kind comments and messages have been, and still are, very much appreciated.

I uploaded video game music for you guys. I’m sorry it had to come to an end.

I may edit this from time to time, if I think of things that need to be said to you guys, but I think that’s mostly it for now.

Please be sure to check out my website if you want to find tons of websites for downloading video game music, and maybe some other random stuff here and there too:

You will be missed my friend. How fitting it is that possibly your last bit of music and video content you will put on YouTube happens to be one of the best Zelda OCRemix’s ever crafted. We will never forget you here at Zelda Informer. You can download the music in the video here.

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