The re-release of Link’s Awakening allowed a new generation of players to experience the dreamy island of Koholint. A new Link amiibo was released alongside the game, letting players show off their new Chamber Dungeons and unlock Shadow Link for some added fun.And now, thanks to Play Nintendo, you can display your amiibo in style for everyone to see with this fun cutout stand!

Released back in October, this cutout “amiibo holder” features a base with Link’s Awakening‘s logo and a backdrop with the egg of the Windfish perched on top of the Tal Tal Mountain Range, creating the scene that we see on the box art for the game. To grab this cutout for yourself, all you need is a printer and some scissors! Heavier stock of paper is recommended for printing, and detailed instructions are available so you can make sure that the cutout fits around the amiibo.

You can download the cutout stand right here and soon place your Link amiibo in dreamy Koholint!

Will you be downloading the cutout for your Link amiibo? Share your amiibo pictures with the cutout on social media, we would love to see them.

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