Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:


The Water Temple: love it or hate it, I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim to traversing the entire dungeon getting the water level just right, only to be called away and having to restart the whole thing from scratch. This seemingly never-ending up-and-down of Link and water is for many Zelda fans the first to be mentioned upon asking the question ‘What’s the most annoying dungeon in Zelda?’

Now we find that it’s not just only the most annoying dungeon in Zelda, but one of The 15 Most Annoying Levels in Video Game History according to Dorkly (the recently opened gaming-based sister site of College Humor)

Also showing up on the Nintendo-front are the barrier-free controller-biting turns in most incarnations of Rainbow Road; the Landmaster sections of Starfox 64 (Lylat Wars to my fellow Brits); the floor-less, enemy hopping, Yoshi sacrificing ‘Tubular’ from Super Mario World amonst a couple of other familar scenes.

Just thinking about a lot of them make me want to dig out an old controller for the sole purpose of breaking a window with it.

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