One of the common rants among Zelda nerds is how almost insultingly simple it is to get through some of the latest games without ever running out of health. There are a number of factors that play into this, from poor enemy AI to low damage rates from unfriendly blows, combined with Link’s comparatively overpowered moves and brilliantly sharp dexterity. But foremost among these complaints is often the fact that, in recent Zelda games, health recovery pickups are everywhere. They’re in the grass. They’re under rocks. They’re littered all over most boss arenas. As a result, there’s simply no challenge. It’s as if Nintendo has decided: “We can’t make our games difficult because then they won’t be fun.”

But what if things were different?

If you’ve been following the new Metroid game, Other M, you may have heard a neat little tidbit:

1up: [O]ne of the first things I noticed in playing Other M is that enemies no longer drop health power-ups—it’s more about surviving each encounter, which is a really different feel for Metroid.

Sakamoto: [Y]ou’re right that when you defeat enemies now, they don’t allow you to recover health or missiles.

Instead of recovery pickups, Samus can perform the “Concentration” move, which requires her to idle in order to restore her ammunition, and if she’s on her very last leg she’ll also replenish a single health unit. The ability is designed to be a last resort, as its nature makes it very risky in the heat of a fight. Of course, it’s not the only option for health recovery, as she can also restore energy the old-fashioned way at designated stations throughout the game.


While perhaps a “Concentration” move would be a little out-of-place in Hyrule, there are already plenty of options in place for on-the-go pick-me-ups in the form of Potions and other bottled goodies. Should the Zelda team take a cue from Other M and give us a game without recovery hearts? Or would Zelda just not be the same without them?

We’ll see how the pickup-less Metroid fares when Other M releases on the 31st. For now, let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!

Source: 1up Other M Interview

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