The Legend of Zelda fans, and fans in general, love stating the fact that they are loyal followers to a franchise. Sadly, going around telling everyone that you are a worshipper of Zelda can get pretty tiring, therefore we resort to one of the most accessible platforms for showing of a fandom: T-shirts! Of course, when the oppurtunity arises to get certain T-shirts for less than they usually sell, it not only raises the accessibility level, but also fills us with geeky excitement.

Shirtpunch, a website which offers desigs for several different pieces of clothing once a day for a very limited amount of time, showed off their latest opportunity for awesome designs today, namely a set of four pieces based entirely around The Legend of Zelda.

The first design presents us with a large Hylian shield and sheathed Master Sword, surrounded by fairies, rupees and hearts alongside Zelda’s Lullaby below it all. The second deisgn shows off silhouettes of both Link and Epona with a Japanese sun at the very back. Epona also has some katakana symbols on her side which translate into ‘Link.’ The third design depicts Link sitting in what seems to be the Lost Woods playing his Ocarina, all within a margin in the shape of a Hylian Shield and sheathed Master Sword. At the bottom we can also find the Song of Time. The fourth design is based entirely on The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, showing the aforementioned mask and a silhouette of Skull Kid, in front of the moon we’ve all come to love (or hate).

What makes these designs even more exciting (and creamy) is that every single one is selling for only $10. Hurry though, because they’ll be gone in just under 9 hours.

Pictures of all designs can be found in the gallery below. Will you be ordering one these T-shirts, and if so, which one? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Shirtpunch

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