Shigeru Miyamoto

Our friends over at GoNintendo got to spend 10 minutes with Shigeru Miyamoto yesterday in an exclusive interview, and naturally the main topic talked about was Skyward Sword. As the interview went on, not a whole lot new was discussed we haven’t already covered here at Zelda Informer, but one interesting tidbit did arise:

It’s not all MotionPlus action, though. Mr. Miyamoto discussed the importance of using both MotionPlus and sensor bar to provide better weapon and item use. MotionPlus is not going to be used in every instance possible, just because the tech is available. Item/weapon controls will be carefully weighed to see how MotionPlus/sensor bar/both can make for the optimal control scheme. It’s these options that should allow for a much smoother experience, which will hopefully allow the player a more seamless transition into the world. It’s all about creating a game that is very easy to get into, but an experience that’s hard to tear yourself away from.

So motion plus wont be used for all the items eh? In our “confirmed” rumors (yeah yeah, we get they aren’t really confirmed), it was stated that the Hook Shot did not use Wii Motion Plus… maybe that is true after all? Who knows!

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