The readers of Time magazine have weighed on who the most influential person of the year is, and according to them, it’s Shigeru Miyamoto. Hopefully you’ve heard of him. I mean, he is the guy who created the series in which this site revolves around.

So, how many votes did he actually receive? Try 1,949,634 on for size! That puts him well ahead of Asian pop sensation Rain, the contest’s runner-up, who received 1,561,460 votes.

Here’s what Time had to say regarding the 55-year old video game designer:

PRO: As if creating Mario, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda weren’t enough, the “father of modern video gaming” is still designing franchises for Nintendo and its best-selling Wii console. His latest, Super Mario Galaxy, redefines VG physics once again with its springy re-imagining of that old chestnut, gravity.

CON: Can he reverse gravity for all the obese, video game-playing kids out there? Miyamoto himself has said that the purpose of his Wii Fit game, with its balance board and full-body focus, isn’t to make you fit, but “aware of your body.” Aware enough to go outside before atherosclerosis sets in?

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