What we enjoy most when playing Zelda is finishing every single little secret or detail that we didn’t know about prior to beating the game.The entire series has been poked and prodded for years, so it comes as no surprise that nobody has stopped fishing through Zelda’s coding to get what they want. Majora’s Mask is definitely no exception to this rule.

Boundary Break is a YouTube series hosted by Shesez and has said him messing with the in-game camera, so he can find any and all secrets that may be hiding in plain sight. His newest episode has him tackling Majora’s Mask and looking at what stuff lies hidden beneath. In the first part of this episode for instance he discovers that the forest Link starts in at the beginning of the game has the Majora’s Mask randomly floating right beneath the forest area.

Shesez continues by showing how, when you fully zoom out the camera after you fall down the hole, you can see all of the random hallucinogenic symbols Link saw on his way down. There’s even one part in the episode that he zooms really close into an Iron Knuckle and finds out that it is actually a reused Spirit Temple model from Ocarina of Time since it has Nabooru’s character model still trapped inside.

What did you think of this episode of Boundary Break? Were there any secrets from this episode that you were surprised at? Let us know in the comments below!

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