Everyone’s favorite disguised princess is back for another iteration of Smash Bros, and she (please guys, let’s not argue about the gender stuff here) comes with a few new tricks up her sleeve!

To begin, Zelda does not transform into Sheik anymore, and vice versa—they are now their own distinct characters. For those who were fond of the transformation, though, perhaps you can take solace in the new additions to their movesets. Zelda’s brand new Down Special unleashes one of the Phantoms of

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks fame for a swift attack that can also block enemy attacks. Sakurai was quick to warn, however, that the Phantom can be reflected by moves like Mario’s cape, in which case the Phantom’s strike will hit Zelda instead.

Sheik has two brand new attacks. Her Side Special is now the “Burst Grenade,” an explosive projectile connected to Sheik’s chain; by pulling out the pin with her cord, it detonates. Her new Down Special is the “Bouncing Fish,” an acrobatic kicking attack which looks to launch her upwards when on the ground. Seems to pack a pretty good punch!

Are you excited to see Sheik return? Upset that Zelda’s transformation mechanic has gotten axed? Looking forward to using the new moves to beat me up for being so excited about all this? Comment down below, and check out some of these screenshots while you’re heading there!

Source: Smash Bros. Direct

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