Members of the Zora tribe are instantly recognizable to most Zelda fans, but much about them remains shrouded in mystery. Zelda theorist Edible Incredible recently  produced a video on the lifespans of the Zora, using dialogue and events from Breath of the Wild to make his case. One Zora remembers swimming with Link as a child, and Sidon says he grew up listening to his father’s stories and acknowledges his sister’s love for Link. Jesse thinks the overall lifespan of a Zora can be inferred by these quotes and others.

I personally have always thought of Zoras as traditional Elves. They tend to live in seclusion, and longer than the race of majority, in this case Hylians. While Hylians seem to live the average human lifespan, Zora come of age roughly at a hundred years old. It might then be plausible for Zora to live to be three hundred. I feel that the evidence is insufficient but I can agree with the theory all the same.

Editor’s Note: This article originally credited GameOver Jesse for the video featured. The original theory video was posted to Edible Incredible’s channel earlier this month, and it was later highlighted on GameOver Jesse’s channel.

What do you think? Do you have anything to counter Edible Incredible’s theory? Let us know below!

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