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I say “shamelessly” because I feel no shame; “promoting” because that’s what I’m doing; and “Our Forums” because that would be the topic at hand. So, our forums, where the real community action takes place. I suggest checking them out, and even registering, if all of the Zelda and Nintendo discussions on the main page don’t fulfill your cravings.

Over on the forums you’ll find it all from Zelda theorizing, general Zelda chat, Nintendo chat, gaming chat, anything entertainment-related chat, and as a matter of fact, anything you feel like talking about really. It’s all a pretty chill and random place, so long as you remember the one golden rule…

The golden rule is also known, Biblically, as the first commandment. It reads “you shall have no other gods before me”, with the “me” quite obviously referring to Reginald Fils-Aime. Commit that to mind and heart and you’ll love it over at the forums.

I have an urge for some stat-crunching, and I will. Our community boards have 2,430 members, 7,325 threads and 221,923 posts. So what can I say? If you want a close-knit welcoming community of Zelda and Nintendo fans where you can chat about (almost) anything, then head on over to our community forums, which are of course linked to in the header on every page.

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