The Wind Waker has some amazing music. One particularly noteworthy piece from the game is “Dragon Roost Island”, as it has stood out as being both catchy and perfectly representative of the game’s setting. This memorable tune was recently the subject of an impressive OC ReMix arrangement called “The Swaggin’ Dragon”, which adds some cool new dimensions to the original.

“The Swaggin’ Dragon” isn’t just another rock cover. While adding some original tones to the music, the remix also stays very true to the original. It adds in influences from a folk-like tune at the outset before delving into a more jazzy tune. After the bit of heavy bass work, it goes into a softer rock melody before deepening into something that is more akin to heavy metal. Needless to say, this remix adds a whole new perspective on Dragon Roost Island’s theme.

What do you think of the arrangement? Let us know in the comments below.

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